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CIS  241  students;


Instructor:               Dr. Ignatios  Vakalis,  part time  instructor at CUESTA

EMAIL:                         Ignatios_vakalis@cuesta.edu

Course info-CRN:       30918

CIS  241:   Discrete Structures.

 This is a course  about the “mathematics of computing”; (propositional and predicate logic, proof techniques, set theory, relations, recursively defined functions, solving recurrence relations, counting techniques,  complexity of algorithms, graph theory --graphs, trees).


Course Delivery:

The course will be delivered  synchronously  over ZOOM

***Plan,  and make sure  you have an quiet environment with  reliable/strong internet connection ***


-Make sure you can/will   put that time on your schedule to attend lectures (on ZOOM)

(T, TH  12:30-1:50pm)


-Attending lectures (over ZOOM) will also provide opportunities to ask questions on lecture topics AND on homework. So, DO plan to be on ZOOM during “class time”

I plan to “record”  ZOOM lectures…but definitely keep in mind the info in the above couple of lines


-When on ZOOM:

    -camera must be turned  on   (Need to see all students)

    -everyone must behave professionally, and respectfully.



CANVAS will be used throughout the course. 

-All homework and exams   MUST be submitted via CANVAS  (no exceptions)

-Make sure you are familiar with CANVAS


Homework:  To learn Discrete Structures/Mathematics you MUST do a lot of homework.


  • Homework problems will be assigned at each class period and will be due at  3:00pm on Thurs. of  (almost)  each week  (unless  otherwise specified)
  • Homework problems will be assigned during lectures.  So, you NEED to attend lectures.
  • Homework MUST  be submitted on CANVAS  (under the ASSIGNMENT section on CANVAS)
  • You will be submitting ONE .pdf file for all pages for  each homework.  I suspect you will handwrite your homework, take a picture, and with an app (must download), you MUST create  ONE  .pdf file of all the pages, to submit on the  CANVAS site.

So, please explore, get, practice how to create ONE .pdf  file from photos of  multiple of handwritten pages.

 Some free apps that can convert photos to a PDF include Office Lens, Adobe Scan, and Tiny Scanner 


   I recommend to See the following videos on taking Picts, submitting the assignments:

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lpjFqpVlnPM&feature=emb_logo   (Android)

   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tkm4qswhEFc&feature=emb_logo (iOS



  • ONE  mid-term exam  ( No make-up exam)
  • Final exam during the regularly scheduled time (No make-up exam)

Student Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

1.Apply the theory of sets to the description and development of equivalence and order relations, equivalence classes and well-ordered sets, and the definition of one-one, onto, and invertible functions.

  1. Use the concepts and techniques of propositional and predicate logic to describe the structure of mathematical proofs (including mathematical induction), analyze control structures in computer programs and algorithms, and determine program correctness.
  1. Use basic combinatorial concepts (inclusion-exclusion and pigeonhole principles, permutations and combinations) to derive the binomial theorem, solve recurrence equations, and analyze and compare the complexity of algorithms.
  1. Demonstrate different traversal methods for trees and graphs and apply these concepts to the determination of optimal spanning and routing trees, and the development and analysis of efficient searching and sorting algorithms.


Technical Support
Cuesta students are encouraged to direct all technical support inquiries to support@my.cuesta.edu. If you are having issues with Canvas, or email support@instructure.com. If you are having difficulty viewing the course or logging in, it may be because you are not using the correct url: https://cuesta.instructure.com/ or you are using your phone or using an unsupported  browser.

This course is designed using an accessible Learning Management System, and course materials have  been created with ADA compliance in mind. If you have a disability and might need accommodations in  this class such as extended time on exams or other resources. Please contact the instructor as soon as  possible so that you can receive appropriate accommodations in a timely manner. You should also  contact DSPS (Disabled Student Programs & Services) or at 805-546-3148.

College & Course Policies:
Academic Honesty Policy
Students attending San Luis Obispo County Community College District at any district site and when  representing Cuesta College in any off-campus activity, assume an obligation to conduct themselves in  an acceptable manner compatible with the Student Code of conduct. Please review the Cuesta College  Student Code of conduct.


Cuesta policy for drops

 Add Policy: http://www.cuesta.edu/student/studentservices/admrreg/arpolicies/addcourse.html

Drop Policy: http://www.cuesta.edu/student/studentservices/admrreg/arpolicies/dropcourse.html

Cuesta’s academic honesty policy and student code of conduct https://www.cuesta.edu/about/documents/vpss[1]docs/StudentConducttrifold-brochure_2017.pdf  


Accessing Cuesta’s Course Management System  

Course access instructions with login info (Cuesta LMS instructions: (http://www.cuesta.edu/student/documents/distance_ed_students/Canvas_Quick_Reference_Students.pdf )

Contact information for Tech Support Cuesta’s LMS: (http://www.cuesta.edu/student/aboutacad/distance/technical_support.html).


DSPS/Veteran Services:

 If you have a disability and might need accommodations (support services) in this class, please contact Disabled Student Program & Services in Building 3300 as soon as possible to ensure that you receive the accommodations in a timely manner. http://www.cuesta.edu/student/studentservices/dsps/index.html

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