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Introduction to Public Health HEED 210 CRN 32908 Spring 2019-Distance Education

Instructor: Michelle Zulim-Clarkpublic health.jpg


Course start date: Monday, January 22

Course end date: Friday, May 24


Course description Provides an introduction to the discipline of Public Health. Students will gain an understanding of the basic concepts and terminologies of public health, and the history and accomplishments of public health officials and agencies. An overview of the functions of various public health professions and institutions, and an in-depth examination of the core public health disciplines is covered. Topics of the discipline include the epidemiology of infectious and chronic disease; prevention and control of diseases in the community including the analysis of the social determinants of health and strategies for eliminating disease, illness and health disparities among various populations; community organizing and health promotion programming; environmental health and safety; global health; and healthcare policy and management.

Required text: McKenzie, J., Pinger, R., and Kotecki, J. An Introduction to Community Health Jones and Bartlett Publishers, Boston (2015).

The text can be purchased in the Cuesta bookstore or online and is also offered as an e-text.


I am your instructor, Michelle Zulim-Clark. I teach a variety of health education, kinesiology and kinesiology activity classes on the San Luis Obispo campus. This semester you will have the opportunity to learn more about major issues of special relevance to your community, nation and world health concerns. You will have some assignments that will require getting to know your community and how you can help.

I am also excited to tell you about Cuesta's new AD-T in Public Health Science!  

April is Public Health Awareness week- looking forward to adding some fun activities this semester. 

This course is fully online- there are no mandatory face to face meetings. However, this is not a self paced course. You will have weekly readings and assignments. To be successful in the class, you need to stay on top of course work, quizzes and exams.

Our class begins on Monday, January 22

If you are new to online courses, please take a moment to take this survey: Links to an external site.

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Course drop date: You must log on the first week, or you will be dropped, however, do not expect any instructor to drop you for non-attendance.Student Planning CalendarLinks to an external site.

Please see the administration and records website for more information regarding drops: PolicyLinks to an external site.

Academic honesty policy: Please review the following link for information regarding policy. PolicyLinks to an external site.

Accommodations: Please contact the DSPS office.Links to an external site.Links to an external site. 

Thank you for reading my welcome letter! I am looking forward to working with you this spring.


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