Welcome to COMM 201 (Public Address) Spring 2021

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COMM 201 CRN: 33328  MW 8-9:20 am online/synchronous  Start:  Wednesday January 20

COMM 201 CRN: 33337 MW 12:30-1:50 pm  online/synchronous  Start:  Wednesday January 20

Sheree Davis, instructor  email:  sheree_davis@cuesta.edu

Required Text:  "The Art of Public Speaking" by Stephen E. Lucas (12th edition) Available for purchase or rent at Cuesta College Bookstore or other outside resources such as Amazon.  The ISBN:  978-0-07-352391-0 (textbook only).  The 12th edition will be in a used format to save you some money.  Do not purchase the 13th edition.  If you have difficulty finding the 12th edition, the 11th edition will work too.


My name is Sheree Davis.  You are enrolled  in one of my  COMM 201 classes this January (Spring, 2021).   I welcome you to Cuesta College and public speaking.  I've been teaching this course for awhile,  and I totally love watching my students grow in confidence and capability when it comes to public speaking! 

It is important to note, this class will be taught in a synchronous format which means we meet during your CRN's designated class time.  In this format, your attendance is required.  The first day of instruction is important to prevent being dropped from the class roster.  

We will be using two important tools for this class:  Canvas through Cuesta College and the Zoom platform.  Both will require that you have a consistent and reliable internet/WIFI connection and access to technology such as a computer, laptop or compatible cell phone.  For questions regarding technical issues, you can contact Cuesta's IT department at support@my.cuesta.edu.

Canvas:  Your Cuesta College student ID and password will get you into Canvas via Cuesta's portal.   I am about to publish in Canvas all the details of this COMM 201 public speaking course.  After that, with your student access, enter Canvas and click on the COMM 201 course in your dashboard.  There you will find another "welcome" with similar information on the Home Page.  In Canvas, under "Files" you will find your course syllabus, course schedule, public speaking schedules and assorted assignments.  It is here, on Canvas, that you will be submitting your written work for your speeches and you will find feedback and grades from me.  So, familiarize yourself with this very important student platform.  Your Canvas Course should be activated by January 1.  Should you be unfamiliar with Canvas, see a tutorial at http://www.cuesta.edu/student/aboutcad/distance.

Zoom:  Since this classes is  "virtual" or online for the entire semester we will be meeting for class via Zoom.  You need to download the app (which is free) and use my Personal Meeting ID.  We may spend the first few minutes  on the first day of class getting "Zoomed" in.  Below is the Zoom app and my Personal ID.  Don't let the Cal Poly thing confuse you.  I use this ID for both my Cuesta and Cal Poly classes.  

Zoomhttps://calpoly.zoom.us/j/4688321190Links to an external site.   Personal Meeting ID:  468-832-1190

See my syllabus on Canvas for greater details on this very important GE class.  If you have any questions before the first day of instruction, please email me at:  sheree_davis@cuesta.edu

I look forward to "meeting" you in Zoom!!

Sheree Davis



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