Comm 201: Public Speaking

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Welcome to Comm 201:  Public Speaking

This is a 16 week late start class.

Start Date: 2 weeks after the semester starts


Instructor: Matt Vasques

Contact Email:

Phone: (805) 546-3100, ext. 2768

Office Hours: TBA

Dear Online Students:


THIS IS A LATE START CLASS.  PLEASE CHECK THE START DATE.  We will meet through Zoom for our first introductory meeting and all presentations. You will need a fast internet connection and a webcam with a mic. 

Welcome to Comm 201, Public Speaking!  This is an online, distance education class.  All your speeches will be done online through a video conference program called Zoom!  

What that means is this:

  1. All of your class work will be online—textbook readings, assignments, tests, discussion posts, etc.  You can expect 9 hours minimum of weekly course work. This includes online and offline work.  
  2. All of your speeches will be presented online on Tuesdays or Thursdays.  There is one mandatory meeting to cover the course.  THIS IS ONLINE THROUGH ZOOM AS WELL. After that, there are  mandatory online meetings on specified Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am-1 pm.   Failure to attend one of those meetings will result in a substantial grade loss or failure of the class depending on the speech and weight of the assignment.  If you cannot make these dates, please do not enroll for the class.  
  3. The mandatory dates CAN BE FOUND IN CLASS FINDER.

5. You will also need a webcam with a mic.  We deliver speeches online!  We will be fully online.  Fun!  If you do not have a web cam with a mic, or your computer does not have one built in, this is not the class for you. 


I will email you through your Cuesta email address prior to the beginning of the class with class information and mandatory date reminders.  Once the semester begins, I will be communicating with you primarily through Canvas.  Thus, checking your course multiple times throughout the week is important for your success.  


Our class will be hosted in Canvas.  Please login to Canvas on the first day of the course.  If you have any problems, email me immediately.  You can access a quick reference video for CanvasLinks to an external site.   For technical supportLinks to an external site.


I look forward to seeing you online and in class at our mandatory meetings.



Matt Vasques


Learning Objectives for this Course

At the close of this course, you will be able to:

  • Organize a speech for a specific speech purpose.
  • Outline a public message for a specific speech purpose.
  • Use oral public speaking skills to deliver a timed message appropriate to the speech purpose.
  • Provide supporting evidence specific to and appropriate for the speech purpose.
  • Create and distinguish speeches for different purposes, including speeches to inform and persuade.


Materials Requirements

  • Fast internet
  • Computer with webcam and mic

Computer Requirements

College and Course Policies

  • Course-specific add/drop policy: I do not drop you.  If you do not drop the course yourself, and do no coursework, you will receive a F at the end of the semester.


Accessing Your Canvas Course

You will log into Canvas on the fist day of the course, and complete the required orientation exercise which will include: watching an orientation video, composing an email, posting in the forum, locating your homework site and submitting your first assignment. Failure to complete these exercises will result in confusion and inability to find the necessary course links and materials for a successful semester, as I will not have time to guide you through it individually.

You can log into your online class  in Canvas. Your user name for Canvas login matches My.Cuesta login name and password.

Locate Canvas at:


You will see the your class listed under your Dashboard once the class starts. The class will not be visible / available until the first day of the class. Once you locate the site, please bookmark it or add to your favorites for future reference.

If you need assistance with using Canvas, you should also review the link entitled “Canvas Quick Reference for Students Online.”  You can find it at: to an external site.

Student Readiness and Time Requirement

To complete this class successfully, you will need to know basic computer skills, as well as creating documents.

  • Uploading and downloading files.
  • Emailing with attachments.
  • PDF reader and construction.  You can download a free reader at to an external site.
  • Creating PowerPoints and Word documents.  I will only accept files in Word or PowerPoint.  For Mac users, I suggest using Google Docs, or Microsoft Office for Mac.  
  • Ability to view online videos.  


Please make sure to schedule time for this class.  Again, expect a minimum of 9 hours per week for course materials, forum posting, class assignments, etc.  


If you are unsure about your readiness to take an online class, please take the

Online Class Readiness Quiz : to an external site.


If you have a disability and might need accommodations (support services) in this class, please contact Disabled Student Programs & ServicesLinks to an external site. in BLDG 3300 as soon as possible.  For the DSPS web page, please click hereLinks to an external site..

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