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Hi All,

Welcome to Distance Education at Cuesta College and the online version of Business 249, Entrepreneurship. My name is Neil Higgins and I will be your instructor for this course. This letter is to inform you of some of the important details prior to the start of this Spring 2019 Hybrid Course. As a Hybrid course we will meet face to face once a week for 2 hours on Tuesdays from 9:30 am - 11:30 am.  All other work will be completed online and outside of the classroom.  The Tuesday face to face class meetings are mandatory you can not miss more than 2 face to face classes or you will be dropped from this class.

Instructor Contact Information

Instructor: Neil Higgins                   
Phone:805.242.3008 (cell)
Email: nhiggins@cuesta.edu

What You Can Expect From This Course

We will be exploring Entrepreneurship, what it is and the skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur. Our approach will include the study of traditional business concepts integrated with timely real world examples.

In order to be successful in this course you will need to: 1) complete reading and writing assignments, 2) attend and participate in class, 3) develop, write and present a group business plan, 4) review and analyze various forms of business principals, and 5) take exams.

 My responsibilities include facilitating your learning process. Ultimately, you are responsible for ensuring that you learn the material. Class sessions will integrate lectures, videos, group projects, guest speakers and reading assignments. All of these will serve as tools to assist in your journey through Entrepreneurship.



 Course Student Learning Outcomes (“SLO’s”)

  1. Evaluate their personal desires, skills, motivation, and life commitments to determine whether they are suited to being an entrepreneur. 
  1. Appraise the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring capital in order to fund a business. 
  2. Value the importance of the business plan to an entrepreneur. 
  3. Explain and use basic business terminology related to banking, marketing, legal, tax, management, human relations, ethics, and accounting issues as used in small business. 
  1. Demonstrate communication and social (Business Etiquette) skills appropriate to a business environment 
  1. Analyze an ethical dilemma faced by a small business manager, prepare a recommendation for action and justify it legally or morally. 


  1. Program Student Learning Objectives (“PLO’s”)

            This course is part of the Business Administration Program at Cuesta College. Upon completion of this course, students will have accomplished a portion of the objectives of the Business Administration Program, which are to provide opportunities for students to:


  1. Describe and explain the legal, ethical, and regulatory context in which the practice of business is conducted in the United States.
  2. Employ quantitative skills and critical thinking to prepare, analyze and interpret financial data that represent a business operation.
  3. Demonstrate quantitative skills and critical thinking to evaluate and interpret economic data that represent and impact business decision-making.
  4. Demonstrate communication and social (Business Etiquette) skills appropriate to a business environment.
  5. Demonstrate awareness and use of technology appropriate to a business environment.


III.       RequiredTextbookWe will be using Open Educational Resources for this course that I will provide or will assign during the course.  No textbook will be required for purchase!


Expected Time Commitment: It is anticipated that for this 4.0 unit course you will spend approximately six to nine hours per week reading, studying, and completing assignments outside of time spent in class.

Methods of Instruction

A variety of instructional methods may be used in this course, including, but not limited to:

  1. Instructor’s lectures, student presentations, note taking and sharing, small-group and whole-class discussions, Socratic discussions, individual and group writing assignments, textbook and other reading assignments.
  2. Case studies/current events
  3. Videos and websites
  4. Guest speakers
  5. Preparation of and start of a Business or Gig


Computer Requirements

The browser requirements and minimum qualifications required for this class are detailed in the following link: http://www.cuesta.edu/student/aboutacad/distance/faqs_technical.htmlLinks to an external site..

  • Web Browser: Microsoft Explorer 6.0 or Mozilla Firefox 5.6 or higher.
  • Computer Specs: 1 GHz or equivalent computer and a minimum of 512 MB of system RAM (memory) running Windows XP or better. Speakers, Sound Card, Reliable DSL or Cable (not dial-up modem) Internet Connection.
  • Software:
    • Microsoft Word 2007 or higher.

Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Word (or the entire Office 2010/2013 Professional Suite) may be purchased at a discount through www.ultimatesteal.comLinks to an external site., www.journeyed.comLinks to an external site., or http://collegesoftware.org/Links to an external site..

First Assignment & Accessing Canvas

Your first assignment is to log into the class at cuesta.instructure.com before our first class meeting.

  • Your login ID is the same as your my.Cuesta login. It is: firstname_lastname.
  • Your password is the same as you’re my.Cuesta password.
  • You will NOT be able to access Canvas until the semester begins. Once you locate the site, please bookmark it or add it to your favorites for future reference.

Canvas Support: http://www.cuesta.edu/student/aboutacad/distance/Links to an external site.


College Policies / Assistance

Each student is required to follow all school guidelines and comply with all school deadlines including personal responsibility for adding and/or dropping this class. Drop dates are available on the academic calendar http://academic.cuesta.edu/admrreg/infodate.htmLinks to an external site.. Each student is responsible for obtaining updates or changes to the syllabus and/or assignments for the course.

Academic Honesty: 
Students are responsible for being aware of and complying with the Academic Honesty Policy (refer to Cuesta College Schedule or Cuesta College Catalog). At the discretion of the instructor, students being academically dishonest (submitting another student’s work as your own, e.g. copying a computer file that contains another student’s work) will be dropped from the course. If the drop deadline has passed, students will receive a failing grade in the course. In addition, a “Student Incident Report” will be filed with the Vice President of Academic Affairs office.

Students With Disabilities:
If you have a disability and need accommodations in this class, please contact Disabled Student Program & Services at (805) 546-3148 or (805) 591-6215 NCC as soon as possible to ensure that you receive the accommodations in a timely manner. http://academic.cuesta.edu/acasupp/dsps/index.htmLinks to an external site.. You may also discuss your need for accommodations with the instructor.

If you are a Veteran, please contact Karen Andrews, Cuesta College’s VA Certifying Official - 546-3142. The Veteran Center is in room 6903. The Veteran Center hours are Mon. - Thurs. 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Counseling Center:
College life can compound other issues in one’s life. If you are feeling overwhelmed and feel you need help to maintain your personal balance – please contact our counseling center at 546-3138.

Library Services:
Circulation/Reserves: (805) 546-3155 
Reference Desk - SLO: (805) 546-3157 NC: (805) 591-6200 Ext. 4410.

Library hours:  
SAN LUIS OBISPO CAMPUS: Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm,
Friday: 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, Saturday & Sunday: Closed. 
NORTH COUNTY CAMPUS: Monday & Thursday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm,
Tuesday & Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm, Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Closed. 
ARROYO GRANDE HIGH SCHOOL CENTER: Monday & Thursday: 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm.

Tutorial Services:
Promoting the academic skills, learning strategies and attitudes necessary for student success in all disciplines for ALL students. 
SLO: 9:00 am - 4:30 pm, Room 3300
NCC: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm, Room N3130

If you have any further questions prior to the first day of class, please feel free to email me at nhiggins@cuesta.edu. Otherwise, I look forward to getting to know you during the course of the semester.

Thank you,
Neil Higgins



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