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HEED 204 - Health Education (CRN 73422)

This 9-week online course begins Monday, August 15th and ends Friday, October 14th 

Contact Information:

Instructor: John Marsh, MS (he, him, his)

Email:  jmarsh@cuesta.edu

HEED 204 is offered as a hybrid. We meet every Monday evening for 1 hour to complete our proficiency skill work. All remaining course work is found online.

Student Help Hours (Office Hours) Links below:

My office hours are TBD.  The best way to contact me is through direct e-mail. I will generally respond to your emails within 2-3 hours during weekdays and within 24 hours on weekends.


Welcome Letter:

Welcome to HEED 204.  Over the next 9 weeks I will be your guide to exploring what constitutes health and understanding more about the process of your own personal health as well as that of our country.  You will find HEED 204 to be very educational but it is also challenging.  You are required to complete all course work and are more likely to be successful if you are organized and diligent in your study habits rather than simply being a good test taker.

Diversity Statement:

Inclusion, diversity, and equity are hallmarks of a safe, supportive, and educational classroom environment. Part of my objective for this course is to create the safe space that enables all students to engage openly, respectfully, and equally with their classmates, and their instructor, for their education. Please help me create this space with your own positive actions towards others as well.

Course Expectations:

Expect to complete 12+ hours of work on this course, weekly. Please see the course calendar for required weekly quizzes, assignment submissions, discussion forums, video presentations, course lectures, and the opportunity to review Power Point slides and complete reading assignments. My goal is to provide all required study materials to you, the student, at the beginning of the term and to have you complete them on a week by week basis.  You can work ahead in this course, but you can't fall behind.  Please recognize this is a goal and not a requirement of me. Be patient with the process as I am working as diligently and efficiently as I expect you are.  Additional details concerning the course can be found on the Syllabus.

Required Course Materials:

How to purchase your textbook: You can purchase hard copy of the textbook in the Cuesta Bookstore.

 Hard Copy Information from the Cuesta College Bookstore:

Responding to Emergencies: Comprehensive First Aid/CPR/AED

ISBN: 978-1-58480-554-0


Regular Effective Contact policy:

Regular and effective instructor contact will be met through weekly instructor-initiated discussion forums, weekly announcements to students, timely and effective feedback on student assignments and virtual student help opportunities (office hours).


Course Description:

Provides information and training in the immediate and temporary emergency care in case of accident or illness. The student will learn to assess a victim's condition and incorporate proper treatment. Standard first aid, C.P.R., and AED certificate examination(s) will be granted upon successful completion of requirements.

Course Environment:

This online course will use Canvas and the book as the methods to disseminate information. Canvas provides the framework for the course including Power Point presentations, student data files, recourse links and required attachments, the tools to receive and send course materials, assignment/discussion links and a grade book, etc. Through McGraw-Hill Connect you will be reading your text, and taking quizzes.  McGraw-Hill Connect is integrated with the Canvas platform.  You do not need to navigate to separate sites to complete your coursework.  All coursework is completed through Canvas.

Necessary Technology:

To complete the HEED 204 - Health Education course, you will need access to the following technology: PC computers preferred with Microsoft Office 365 capabilities. Mac’s acceptable (if using a Mac all files need to be exported to word, or .pdf before being uploaded to Canvas). Ability to use a personal video channel like YouTube to create and upload video files to Canvas is necessary. Zoom accessibility is required for this course. No e-mail submissions, .pages files or Googledocs allowed!

Canvas tutorials are linked in the course syllabus and accessible once you have registered for the course.

To receive an American Red Cross CPR/AED and Standard First Aid Certificate

  1. Satisfactory complete all skills tests.
  2. A score of 80% or better on all ARC written tests

Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. Apply the use of CPR, Basic First Aid, and AED principles to a variety of real-life situations.
  2. Replicate CPR, Basic First Aid, and AED skill proficiency according to content standards.
  3. Demonstrate CPR, Basic First Aid, and AED emergency procedures.
  4. Develop, assess and analyze personal health and safety goals related to course content.


Canvas Technical Support:

Please direct all technical support inquiries to support@my.cuesta.edu. If you are having difficulty with Canvas, you should contact the Canvas Support Hotline at (877) 921-7680, or click on the help button on the Canvas Navigation to report a problem.


This course is designed using an accessible Learning Management System, and course materials have been created with ADA compliance in mind. If you have a disability and might need accommodations in this class such as extended time on exams or other resources. Please contact the instructor as soon as possible so that you can receive appropriate accommodations in a timely manner. You should also contact DSPS. (Disabled Student Programs & Services) at 805-546-3148

Covid-19 Policy:

All coursework is expected to be turned in according to the syllabus. However, as your instructor, I am sympathetic to extenuating circumstances, especially concerning covid-19. Please be sure to communicate to me ahead of time if you need accommodations because of these circumstances. Cuesta covid-19 updates.


Policies and Procedures:

Cuesta College Course Add Policy Linked Here.

Cuesta College Course Drop Policy Linked Here.

Cuesta College Academic Honesty Policy / Student Code of Conduct Linked Here.


Resolution Coordinator: Cuesta College has a dedicated Student Support Resolution Coordinator, Donna Howard. Donna helps students with financial emergencies, food or housing insecurities, personal conflicts, and locating resources in the community. If you need help, contact Donna in Room 3172, 805.546.3192 or donna_howard1@cuesta.edu.  Donna can also help you with financial emergencies through CARES

Health and Safety: For students facing physical health. or mental health concerns, Cuesta offers free, confidential assistance from licensed professionals. Visit room 3150 or call (805) 546-3171. You can also use the virtual lobby at https://www.cuesta.edu/admissionsaid/virtual-lobby.html

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