Welcome Letter for Engineering Drawing

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Welcome to Engineering Drawing I

Dear Student,

My name is Jeff Jones, and I will be your instructor in the upcoming online version of Engineering Drawing (ENGR226). This letter is to inform you of some important details prior to the commencement of this online class.  Make sure to note below there are 5 required meetings (1 orientation and 4 tests).  Please read this page carefully!!


Tentative Test Dates (you must clear your schedule to take the tests at these times):

Test 1: Thursday 2/8/2018 at either 7:30am or 10:00am Pacific Time

Test 2: Thursday 3/8/2018 at either 7:30am or 10:00am Pacific Time

Test 3: Thursday 4/12/2018 at either 7:30am or 10:00am Pacific Time

Test 4: Thursday 5/17/2018 at either 7:30am or 9:45 am Pacific Time


Course Materials Requirements

You will not be purchasing the course materials in the bookstore but you will be required to purchase them online.  More instructions will be provided on Canvas.  Access fee: $69.


How to use Canvas

Canvas is an online classroom management system that this class will be using.  For more information on how to use it check out the "How-To" links here: 

https://www.cuesta.edu/about/depts/compserv/howto_materials_students.htmlLinks to an external site.


Time Requirement

The average student should set aside about 12 hours a week to be successful in this class.


Resources for Learning

-Attend the optional weekly meetings on Tuesdays or Thursdays between 7:30 and 10am

-Post questions in the class4me.com discussion forum.

-Watch the assigned video lectures online on Canvas.

-Read the book or the various links provided.

-Visit the Tutorial Center http://www.cuesta.edu/student/resources/ssc/tutorial_services/sloengineering.htmlLinks to an external site. .

-Homework and quizzes.

-Office hours

-Study groups.

-Disabled Student Services Links to an external site.http://www.cuesta.edu/student/studentservices/dsps/index.htmlLinks to an external site.


Software Requirements

You will need access to AutoCAD2017.  If you don't have access at work or home you can also use the lab facilities at Cuesta College in building 3400 (2nd floor, SLO campus).  You can also download a free student version.  Please read the FAQs on my website for more detail.


Orientation/ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A required on campus orientation will take place on TUESDAY January 16 at 10:00am in room 3406.  It should last about 90 minutes.  Students who miss the required orientation will be dropped.    FAQLinks to an external site.


Contacting the Instructor

If you have a non-private question then please post it in the class discussion forum on Canvas, this way other students can benefit from my reply.  If it is a private message then please use the messaging system from within Canvas rather than sending an email via my Cuesta account.  Using the messaging system within Canvas will allow me to have a record of our conversation associated with the class and also won't get marked as spam that may happen with the Cuesta email account.  If none of the above contact options work then you can email me at my Cuesta email account: jjones@cuesta.edu



There are 5 required on campus meetings, the orientation (TUESDAY January 16 at 10:00am) and the 4 exam days (on Thursdays at 10:00am Pacific Time, dates to be determined) in rm 3406 in San Luis Obispo, CA.  Please make sure your schedule allows you to take the exams at 10:00am.  Exams may last until 12 noon.  Online students must bring photo ID to all exams.  Exams must be taken on the SLO campus.  There are no provisions for anyone who misses any of these exams.  Let me know if you are having problems with anything related to the course. 








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