Comm 201: CRN 50828 Summer 2023

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Welcome to Communication 201

Summer 2023

CRN 50828 

Joshua J. Lyman

Department of Languages and Communication
Online Office Hours: NA
Contact Number: Phone: 805-546-3100 ex.2856

Hi All,

Welcome to Comm 201, Summer 2023.  Please read through this course overview and make sure it fits with your schedule, needs, and life.  Summer school goes very fast, so be ready to tighten your seatbelt, hold onto your hat, and get ready for a quick paced approach to learning and performing public address.

Description and Objectives: This is an introductory course in public speaking designed to provide the opportunity for improvement in both theoretical understanding and practical performance of oral communication. This class satisfies the general education requirement in oral communication and is acceptable for UC and CSU transfer credit.

Important Note: This class will be taught in a hybrid Synchronous/Asynchronous manner, or as I like to refer to it, a Simi-Synchronous Mode.  This means there are mandatory Synchronous class meetings to accommodate speech presentations and the rest of the course, content, tests, discussions will be done Asynchronously online.

Mandatory Synchronous Speech Days: These dates are locked-in as follows:

6/21/2023—Introductions and Course Overview.

7/5/2023—Informative Speech Presentations

7/19/2023—Persuasive Speech Presentations

Speech Times:  10:00am-12:50pm

Make sure to note and schedule the above dates and times in your planning calendar.

These dates are of paramount importance to your success and the success of the entire class.  We have a set schedule that must be maintained by all members of the class.  Missing a speech will result in a significantly reduced grade or being dropped from the course.  No make-up speeches will be considered without extensive verbal and written documentation of the reason why the speech was missed.  Not being prepared is no excuse.  Do not miss any scheduled speeches; be ready to speak!!! Course Objectives:

  1. To learn the basic principles of human communication.
  2. To become a more effective communicator. This involves an analysis of your communication situation, audience, occasion, and purpose; selection of subject matter; research, analysis, and organization of material; presentation of the message, and evaluation of the effectiveness of your communication.
  3. To become a more careful and critical thinker and communicator, both as a speaker and a listener.
  4. To understand your relationship and ethical responsibilities to others involved in the communication transaction.
  5. To understand the impact of recent technology on oral communication.

Major Speech Activities:

Informative Speech--in a five-minute speech, you will teach your classmates about some process or subject that will be useful and meaningful to them. Significance of topic will be important in assigning a grade. Outside research (at least three sources) and a formal outline will be required.

Persuasive Speech--in a five-minute speech, you will attempt to persuade your audience to agree with your position on a significant, controversial issue. In addition, you will answer questions from the audience about your speech topic and position. Outside research (at least three sources) and a formal outline are required.

Critiques and Discussions: Both the instructor and members of the class will provide written critiques and oral critiques to all speakers. Online discussions will be a regular part of this course. They will be a part of your class participation grade and are essential in helping your classmates improve.

Examinations: There will be three (3) exams and based on readings and material from the textbook.

Outlines and Self-Evaluation:  There will be two Formal Outlines and a Self-Evaluation paper.

Course Materials

Textbook:  Brydon, S. R., & Scott, M. D. (2011). Between one and many: The art and science of public speaking (7th ed.). Boston: McGraw-Hill.  ISBN 9780073406831

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