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Art 221: Drawing I CRN 71291-Fall 2021

  • 9-week (8/16-10/15) 
  • Online 
  • Scheduled/mandatory Zoom meetings Monday and Wednesday, 6:00-6:50 pm.


Hello and thank you for checking the Welcome Letter for my drawing class!


My name is Margaret Korisheli and this will be my third time teaching in 9-week online modality.  I have to admit I was a bit leery at first about online drawing, but I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching in this format and have been impressed with the improvement in drawing skills and the creativity demonstrated by students both with and without prior drawing experience.  

The course is designed for success with clear instructions, demo videos, and small exercises that lead into larger drawing assignments, but please note that the pace is fast and takes double the weekly time as we still cover 18-weeks of learning. Biweekly 50-minute Zoom classes provide an opportunity to ask questions about the assignments and share drawings in a safe and support environment.

Please email if you have any questions and feel free to use my first name if you are comfortable with that level of informality.


Welcome Letter 

This letter is to inform you of some important details to prepare you for the Fall 2021 semester.  You will gain full access to the online portion of the course on the first day of the semester, Tuesday, August 16, which is the day before we have our first Zoom class meeting. Prior to the first day of the semester, additional information will be sent to your myCuesta email account. 

I hope you will join this class but I also want to make sure it is a good fit for your schedule. My course emphasizes both contemporary and traditional drawing. You will learn to draw with a variety of materials and techniques ranging from expressionistic mark-marking to detailed and realistic representations while being introduced to artwork from a diverse array of professional artists.

We have fabulous drawing teachers at Cuesta College so here are some things to consider if you are deciding whether to take this section of Drawing I:

  • 18-weeks of material are taught in a 9-week format, which therefore requires the equivalent time commitment of two classes for a minimum of 12-hours per week.
  • the course is completely online with mandatory Zoom meetings Monday and Wednesday, 6:00-6:50 pm
  • The online learning component of this course may offer more convenient times for a student to work but it is not less work than being in the classroom. To find out if online learning is right for you, take the Self-Assessment survey to an external site.Links to an external site. 
  • a camera-enabled smartphone, tablet, or laptop webcam will be required to upload images of drawings (JPEG or PNG) and additional documents (DOC, PDF) format.


Other important things to know:

  • No prior drawing experience is needed. Assignments are varied and open-ended enough that both beginners and students with some experience will gain new skills and knowledge.
  • All students can earn an A in this course if they 1) put in the required time 2) follow directions 3) take creative risks 4) complete all assignments and projects.
  • Learning to draw is similar to learning a musical instrument or another language in that it takes practice, mistakes, and lots of repetition to become proficient. We focus on putting in the time and submitting to the process without being overly critical of our work!
  • The course may occasionally touch on controversial topics as we look at the work of professional artists and the drawings of fellow students. 
  • The online course and Zoom meetings are safe places that welcome diverse voices and bodies and encourage open and respectful communication.


Contact Information

Instructor: Margaret Korisheli


Office Hours: TBD (Some will be in-person on the SLO campus and some will be online.)

The best way to contact me is email.  I am committed to your success and will do my best to respond in a timely manner.  Generally, you may expect a response to your emails within 24 hours (usually less) during weekday business hours. The 24-hour response does not apply to weekends and holidays. 

I am checking my email all spring semester and occasionally this summer break, so please feel free to reach out with questions!

Regular and Effective Instructor Contact will be met through:

  • bi-weekly synchronous lectures
  • instructor initiated threaded discussion forums
  • weekly announcements to students
  • timely and effective feedback on student assignments
  • email, phone or messaging to individuals
  • in-person and virtual office hours


Time Management:

As you plan your semester, think of the workload for this course as “two” courses since the 9-week period is equivalent to 18-weeks of instruction.  Each week will consist of:

  • 4-hours of “lecture” which include Zoom classes, discussions and readings in Canvas, and watching short videos of demonstrations of drawing techniques and about artists who draw.
  • 8-hours of “lab” for drawing assignments
  • A few hours of “homework” that will include completing drawing assignments, practicing drawing techniques as well as creating and responding to online posts. You will gain practice using art terminology and analyzing drawing as an artform, and spend time doing online research to find relevant examples of drawings and source material for assignments. 
  • Scheduled/mandatory Zoom meetings Monday and Wednesday, 6:00-6:50 pm. The Zoom portion of the class will mostly consist of review of the week’s modules, a chance to ask for clarification, viewing and critiquing drawing submissions, discussions about drawing, and drawing demonstrations, if needed. 


 Art 221: Student Learning Outcomes 

  1. Discuss theory and criticism as a component of the art of drawing including the distinction between the aesthetic of the Western drawing tradition as compared to Non-Western drawing traditions.  
  2. Engage in drawing process to embody intent, observations and conventions.  
  3. Use a variety of drawing materials and techniques.  
  4. Apply concepts and principles of design.  
  5. Evaluate class projects using relevant terminology, spoken and written. 


Textbook and Materials list for this Course

There is no required textbook in order to make the course more affordable given the high cost of materials, which is around $100 for any drawing class.  Please let me know if the cost of materials prevents you from taking the course.

Art Central in San Luis Obispo has put together an Art 221 material kit that gives our students a 25% discount. This will save you having to seek out materials from different online sources. The kits will be available for viewing in July at this website: Cuesta Kit Art Central (inks to an external site and available for pick up in early August. Be sure to reserve your kit early to ensure they do not sell out before the course begins.

Please contact the store if you would like more information or need the items shipped: 

(805) 747-4200, Shipping may cost around $30.


In the Art Central kit:

Strathmore 400 Series Drawing pad 18” x 24” 

Strathmore Sketch pad 9” x 12”

1 sheet Black Paper 19” x 25” (cut in half)

1 sheet Watercolor paper, 140 weight, 22” x 30” (cut in half)

1 sheet Velum-style Tracing Paper 11x17 

Kimberly HB and 6B (or another high-quality brand) 

Charcoal Pencil -Medium 4B

White Charcoal Pencil

Black Fine Gel Pen (Energel)

Vine Charcoal Soft 3pk 

Medium Vine Charcoal 3pk

Conte Sanguine 2pk 

Staedtler Mars Plastic White Eraser

Artgum Eraser 

Kneaded Eraser X Large 

Higgins Ink Black India 1oz 

Pen Holder Universal 

B5/B6 Pen Nib 2 pack 

#10 Round Brush (Snap)

Excel K1 Knife w/#11 Blade or any small snap-off utility knife 

Sandpaper Lead Pointer 

Drawing Board 23” x 26” with handle and clips 


Additional Required Items 

12” ruler

32” (or longer) straight edge (may be a ruler/yardstick or a slat of wood)

Eight small Plastic Containers or an Ice Cube Tray (for when we work with ink)

Small Rags or a Chamois Art Cloth


Painters Tape (usually blue in color, could get by with masking tape)

Various Drawing Props to use at home as the course progresses (such as an egg, garlic, onions, etc.  I will let you know at least a week in advance.)


Other Sources for Materials (but without the discount)

Local: Artery in Atascadero, Cuesta Bookstore (search CUESTA website for hours & access) 

Online: Dick Blick, ASW (Art Supply Warehouse), or Daniel Smith      


Cuesta Online Resources for students

This course uses Canvas (a Web-based Learning Management System) as the method to disseminate information. Canvas provides the framework for the online component including media presentations, student data files, the tools to receive and send course materials, and a grade book. Using the communication tools, you can communicate using email, and you can share materials and ideas with other course participants via the discussion forums and groups.

Refer to the Technical Frequently Asked Questions Links to an external site.Links to an external site. regarding specific minimum computer and browser requirements for Canvas. In addition, a camera-enabled smartphone, tablet, or laptop webcam will be required to upload images of drawings (JPEG or PNG) and additional documents (DOC, PDF) format.

Cuesta College has resources on Getting Started with CanvasLinks to an external site.Links to an external site., and offers a “Being Successful Online” tutorial.

Canvas has technical support available. Links to an external site.Links to an external site.


Waitlist/Add/Drop Policies

Your participation will be monitored on Canvas and through work completed during the semester. You will be dropped if you have not logged onto Canvas by the add deadline. You may be dropped if you miss one or more consecutive weeks of assignments and do not contact me. If you are no longer participating in the course after the deadline to withdraw, you must drop on your own to prevent receiving a failing grade. Last day to drop with a W is September, 21st.

Review the Cuesta College Waitlisting CoursesLinks to an external site.Links to an external site., Adding Courses,Links to an external site.Links to an external site. and Dropping CoursesLinks to an external site.Links to an external site. policies. 

If you are on a waitlist, please email the instructor to ask for an add code. Students will be added in order of the waitlist as spots become available.


Accommodation Policies

Course materials have been created with ADA compliance in mind.  If you have a disability and might need accommodations (support services) in this class, please contact Disabled Student Program & Services as soon as possible to ensure that you receive the accommodations in a timely manner.  DSPS (Disabled Student Programs & Services)Links to an external site.Links to an external site. 


Academic Honesty Policy

You are expected to conduct yourselves in a manner compatible with the Cuesta College Student Code of ConductLinks to an external site.Links to an external site..



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