Welcome Letter (ESL701/702)

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English As a Second Language

Welcome to Cuesta College! My name is Minerva Soto, and I will be your instructor for the ESL 701/702 course. This letter is to inform you of some important details prior to the start of the Fall 2023 class. Please read this page very carefully! This course will start on August 14, 2023. 

Contact Information:

Instructor: Minerva Soto
E-mail: minerva_soto@cuesta.edu
Phone (text): 805-975-2397

Required textbooks / Materials:

Ventures Basic Value Pack 3rd Edition (ISBN-13: 978-1108577304 & ISBN-10: 110857730X) by Gretchen BitterlinLinks to an external site. (Author), Dennis JohnsonLinks to an external site. (Author), Donna PriceLinks to an external site. (Author), Sylvia RamirezLinks to an external site. (Author), K. Lynn SavageLinks to an external site. (Editor)

Ventures Basic Value Pack

Mandatory Online Orientation  

You must complete the mandatory online orientation to say enrolled in this course:

    • Go to the Continuing Education Office to take the Cuesta College Orientation.
    • Make an appointment to take the CASAS test ( 805- 591-6273) during the first two weeks of the course.
    •  You can get a head start now by completing the campus online orientation in this Cuesta Canvas Online Orientation

      You should also Review the Canvas Quick Reference for Students Online.Links to an external site.

      Important Notes

      Our first day of class is August 14 at 6:00 pm (Room N1113). Send me an email if you do not plan on taking the class.

      My suggestion is to add my name (Minerva Soto) and email address minerva_soto@cuesta.edu to your contact list to ensure that my emails are not blocked, and you are able to continue in the class without missed deadlines or being dropped. Once you add me to your contact list, please do not forward me any of your fun or junk mail, as this is my email for work.   At the completion of the course, please remove me from your contact list. Thank you!

      Student Learning Outcomes

      At the end of the semester, you will be able to:

      1. Identifycopy, and produce the letters of the alphabet and numbers (701).
      2. Complete simple forms that include basic personal information (701).
      3. Respond to simple questions demonstrating understanding of familiar vocabulary(701).
      4. Read basic texts(702).
      5.  Write simple sentences with basic personal information(702).
      6.  Ask and respond to simple questions demonstrating understanding of basic vocabulary (702). 

    Course Policies


    This is an non-credit college course where we will meet Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00 pm to 8:50 pm for 18 weeks (one semester). 

    You should also print out a copy of this letter and keep it handy for reference.

    Drop Policy

    The quality of your contributions determines your grade for this portion of the class. Contribution of quality thoughts and analysis are imperative to succeed in this portion of grading. As stated in the Class Schedule: “Normal progress and successful completion of scholastic work depends upon regular attendance. Students are expected to attend all classes for which they are registered. Instructors set an attendance policy for each class and it is the student’s responsibility to know and comply with each one.”

    If you cannot participate in class, my expectation is you will communicate with me via e-mail, complete with reason for missing class. This may not excuse an absence but it does provide a context for your absence when I complete the evaluation of this portion of the course. In addition to points earned for contribution in class discussion, any absence from the course with failure to notification the instructor by email will be dropped from the class after two weeks of absence / non participation.

    In addition students that fail to complete the required orientation exercises will be dropped by the orientation deadline in the first week of class.

    Please review the campus add/drop policyLinks to an external site.!

    Academic Honesty:

    You are expected to complete your own assignments and exams. If you are caught cheating, both you and the other students involved will receive an F.

    What do we mean by “cheating?”

    • Sharing answers with another student to complete assignments or exams
    • Submitting someone else files as your own
    • Submitting either your assignments or another student’s files from a previous semester
    • Helping someone or receiving help on an exam
    • Getting someone else to take your exams

    What happens if you cheat?

    Both you and the other students involved will receive an F on the assignment, exam, and/or for the entire course.

    For more information, see the Student Code of ConductLinks to an external site. in the General College Catalog.




    1. Contact the DSPS. Building N3000, Room N3024
    Fall/Spring hours(Zoom): M-F 8 a.m. - 5 p.m, (805) 546-3148 (SLO), (805) 591-6215 (NCC) dspsinfo@cuesta.edu
    2. Present documentation of disability for review by a disabilities specialist
    3. Discuss options for support through DSPS
    4. Present a signed DSPS authorization for accommodation to your instructor

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