Welcome to LIBT 201

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Welcome to LIBT 201

LIBT 201 
Introduction to Library Services  
This course is currently taught each fall semester in a distance modality.

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Hello Students,

Welcome to distance education at Cuesta College.  Carina Love and Jenna Severson will be the instructors for Introduction to Library Services for Fall 2020. This letter is to inform you of some important details prior to the commencement of the class. Please read this letter carefully and print it out for later reference. It includes lots of helpful resources to help you succeed in the class.

LIBT 201 is a three unit, seventeen week course that surveys the history, organization, services, personnel and functions of libraries and information centers. It provides beginning library/information technology students with an introduction and overview to the field and identifies job opportunities. The course is taught on the Canvas platform with weekly deadlines. It also has an optional online welcome session.

Optional Online Welcome

Library/Information Technology Program and LIBT 201

August 25 2020, 6-7 pm

Meet your LIBT instructors and gain important information about the LIBT program. You will also hear from the Cuesta academic counseling office and have an opportunity to ask questions about your academic and work path. Students will need a computer and internet connection, but a webcam is optional. 


Pre-requisite You must have already taken or be simultaneously enrolled in DIST 101, Introduction to Online Courses. DIST 101 is a 3-week distance education course that helps you practice the critical skills that you will need to succeed in our distance education curriculum (e.g., subscribing to a listserv, logging on to password-protected sites, accessing Canvas, saving files as rich text for attachments, and more).

Distance education provides a convenient alternative to traditional classroom education. However it places a greater responsibility with the student to be self-motivated. To learn more about distance education, see the Cuesta Distance Education website, https://www.cuesta.edu/academics/distance/index.htmlLinks to an external site. to see if distance is for you.

Required Textbook is Fourie, Denise J. & Nancy Loe, Libraries in the Information Age, Libraries Unlimited, 2016, ISBN-13: 978-1610698641, available on reserve, online or at the campus bookstore.

Course Website. This course will be taught on the Canvas Web platform. The course website will be accessible on the first day of the semester, login is your myCuesta ID (firstname_lastname) and password. You will use the website to read lectures, link to outside readings, take quizzes, submit assignments, participate in online discussions. You can use Canvas anywhere you have an Internet connection and a current browser.

Syllabus. The requirements for the class are outlined in the Syllabus. Once you are in the class, make sure to print it out and refer to it for important dates and requirements.

Contact With Instructor. Cuesta or I may send email to your  myCuesta Gmail account in case of technical problems with Canvas. Access your account at http://my.cuesta.edu, student tab, gMail module. The email can be forwarded to a personal account under settings/forwarding.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail  clove@cuesta.edu

Students with Verified Disabilities If you are a student with a verified disability, please notify me of your needs for accommodation as soon as possible. Authorized accommodations and alternative media will be provided as appropriate.

Basic computer experience. This course assumes a basic comfort level with computers and the Internet, and regular access to the Internet. More information about taking Distance Education courses and technology requirements are in the DE FAQLinks to an external site..

Technical Support: Questions about Canvas can be sent to support@my.cuesta.edu during business hours.


Carina Love

Jenna Severnson

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