Welcome Letter Art 270: 3-D Design - CRN 71346 - Fall 2024

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Hello and thank you for checking the 3-D Design Welcome Letter!

My name is Margaret Korisheli and I am the instructor for this course. Please email if you have any questions and if comfortable, feel free to address me as Margaret. mkorisheli@cuesta.edu

The course is designed for success with clear instructions, demo videos and lectures, and small exercises that augment the larger assignments. Weekly in-person lab classes will allow the use of professional tools and give a space for showing work in a safe and supportive environment.

If you are on a waitlist, please email the instructor to ask for an add code. Students will be added in order of the waitlist as spots become available. Add codes become available 9/12/24.


Important Course Information 

Art 270: 3-D Design - CRN 71346 - Fall 2024 

Meets for 16-weeks (8/12-11/29) 

Mostly in-person with 18 hours of online instruction 

  • Two in-person class meetings Tuesday and Thursday 1:00-3:50pm (room 7107). The first class session is Tuesday 8/13/24.
  • 1-2 hours per week of online instruction and working on projects
    • Reviewing instructional materials
    • Posting images in Canvas Discussions 
    • Finishing projects started in class
  • Open lab time in the classroom is available for students who have been absent or want to put in additional hours on projects. Lab times: T/Th 12-1:00 and Friday 10-3:00.
  • Online content will be minimal and mostly used for viewing documents and posting images. You will gain full access to the online portion of the course on the first day of the semester, Monday August 12. Access to Canvas is found on your myCuesta page. 

Mandatory Final Exam: Tuesday 11/26 1:00-3:00pm. (The Tuesday before Thanksgiving holiday.)


Art 270: Student Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion of Art 270, the student will be able to:

  1. Discuss, analyze and critique three-dimensional works of historical and contemporary art through references to the formal elements and principles of design
  2. Incorporate the basic elements and organizing principles of design in three-dimensional artwork
  3. Make three-dimensional work with a variety of media and techniques
  4. Create artworks that imaginatively demonstrate aesthetic decisions and judgments 
  5. Safely utilize tools and equipment in a sculpture studio


General Course Information

3-D Design is an introductory course that focuses on the elements and principles of design in mostly non-representational three-dimensional projects. 

I hope you are already signed up for the course, but here are some things to consider if you are still deciding whether to take 3-D Design this semester: 

  • The course requires two in-person meetings per week in the sculpture lab on the San Luis Obispo Cuesta campus. (T/Th 1:00-3:50) and some online participation in Canvas.
  • You do not need experience in art before taking the course.  It is possible for all students to earn an A in this course if they 1) put in the required time 2) follow assignment objectives 3) take creative risks 4) complete all assignments and projects.  
  • Although we do not deal much with thematic content in this course, we may occasionally touch on a controversial topic as we view the work of professional designers and sculptors. The online portion and in-person meetings are safe places that welcome diverse voices and bodies and encourage open and respectful communication. 


Contact Information

Instructor: Margaret Korisheli      Email: mkorishe@cuesta.edu

The best way to contact me is by email.  I am committed to your success and will do my best to respond in a timely manner.  Generally, you may expect a response to your emails within 24 hours (usually less) during weekday business hours. The 24-hour response does not apply to weekends and holidays. 


Textbook and Materials list for this Course

There is no required text for this course, partly to make the course more affordable.  You will learn about 3-D artists and techniques through lectures, simple research (looking for examples of Sculpture/3-Design), discussions, and assignments.

The whole course may be successfully completed on the prepaid $30 class materials fee, however some students may choose to buy extra materials for projects. Please let the instructor know if you need financial assistance with extra materials.


Canvas Information

This course uses Canvas (a Web-based Learning Management System) as the method to disseminate information including assignment handouts, student data files, the tools to receive and send course materials, and a grade book. You can communicate using Canvas email and approximately ten discussions will require posting images and relevant artist information that will be viewed and discussed in class the following week.


Cuesta Online Resources for students:

Refer to the Technical Frequently Asked Questions (Links to the Cuesta Website) regarding specific minimum computer and browser requirements for Canvas.The ability to photograph projects and upload images (JPEG or PNG) and additional documents (WORD OR GOOGLE Docs, PDFs, etc.) is essential for the course.

Cuesta College has resources on Getting Started with Canvas (Links to the Cuesta Website) and offers a “Being Successful Online” tutorial.

Canvas has technical support available (Links to the Cuesta Website)


Waitlist/Add/Drop Policies

Every student can excel in this course with regular attendance and active participation. If an emergency or illness prevents you from coming to class for two or more consecutive class sessions, please email me so I can let you know what you missed and how you can make up the work. A student may be dropped after three absences, however, it is the responsibility of the student to officially withdraw if he or she stops attending class.

Review the Cuesta College Waitlisting Courses (Links to the Cuesta Website) Adding Courses (Links to the Cuesta Website) and Dropping (Links to the Cuesta Website) policies. 


Accommodation Policies

Course materials have been created with ADA compliance in mind.  If you have a disability and might need accommodations (support services) in this class, please contact Disabled Student Program & Services as soon as possible to ensure that you receive the accommodations in a timely manner.  DSPS (Disabled Student Programs & Services (Links to the Cuesta Website)


Academic Honesty Policy

You are expected to conduct yourselves in a manner compatible with the Cuesta College Student Code of Conduct (Links to the Cuesta Website).




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