Mus 236: MusApprec: World Music Fall

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Fall 2023…......MUS 236 Music Appreciation: World Music CRN 74087

This is a late start 9-week condensed course (this course is typically taught in an 18 week semester, but is condensed for this 9 week course - anticipate extra hours to complete work within this short quick paced class).

Start date:  Mon. Oct. 16, 2023   End Date:  Fri., Dec. 15, 2023


Instructor: Idona Cabrinha

Instructor:  Idona Cabrinha.B.A., M.M. Music, Piano Performance & Pedagogy, she/her/hers.  Courses taught at Cuesta: Elementary and Intermediate Piano, Music Appreciation: World Music(Mus236), Music Appreciation: Rock and Roll (Mus237), Music Fundamentals(Mus201) 

Communication: **Use Pronto   as a regular communication tool in this course(you may use from your device (phone/notebook application) or laptop/desktop computer. You may also email me (but I prefer 

To email me, use the Canvas inbox  .  For personal matters use 


Instructor Contact Expectations

  • Please note that Email is the best and fastest way to reach me.
  • I will generally respond within 24 hours M-F. During those times in the semester when things are really, really busy . . . the turn around time may be 48 hours.
  • I generally log off around 7pm every day and do not respond to emails on the weekends.

Course Description

Surveys the music that is unique to different parts of the world. There will be emphasis on the elements of each kind of music, the instruments, form, style and the role that each music plays in its society.

Meet your instructor :  Hi my name is Idona Cabrinha. I have lived on and off in the central coast since 1989. Since 2002 we have made the central coast our permanent home. I am married with 2 children - one recent college grad and another in high school. When I’m not teaching at Cuesta, I’m teaching in my home studio (piano and vocal coaching). I am also an accompanist - playing for church, different groups, musicians and singers.  I have also taught at other college settings, and have an extensive teaching background directing choirs of all ages, worked in public schools teaching music and choral directing to young children, middle and high schools. When I am not doing ‘music’ I am frequently on a ‘run’, playing tennis, or at a family sport event or watching sports! I enjoy traveling, love cooking and baking and preparing healthy foods for myself, family and friends.  I look forward to meeting you on this journey of studying World Music.  

I am deeply and passionately committed to acknowledging, confronting, and actively striving to eradicate all forms of racism and ethnic oppression. Thus, this course operates from the belief that racism is real, is present, and is something that Black, Indigenous, and all People of Color face daily. Part of my objective for this course, therefore, is to create a safe and brave space that enables all of my students to engage openly, safely, equally, equitably, and honorably with their education. In taking this course, you are expected to do your best to embrace these values; and, while I expect that we will all make mistakes along the way, I also expect that we will work together to engage with all of our classmates and with the material through thoughtful respect of everyone and their individual truths.

SLOs student learning outcomes for Mus 236

  1. Demonstrate a basic understanding of the elements of world music using appropriate terminology. 
  2. Identify musical instruments and styles of different kinds of music. 
  3. Analyze and evaluate music performances. 
  4. Discuss major world music forms in their historical context. 

Acceptable conduct and academic honesty: (Links to an external site.)

Text Book and Materials

This is an OER course meaning there is no required textbook to purchase. The course will use open education resources including but not limited to databases accessible via Cuesta Library and additional websites.

    • Supplemental Materials necessary for the class to complete tasks including but not limited to assignments, quizzes, and exams (students will write, record (audio and or video) or design for completion of course tasks)
  • Flip Grid (video tool)
  • Padlet (like a posting board and used for video also)
  • Google Account to access google docs and slides (if you have a google email, then you have access to google slides which is used in our course)
  • Audio/Video capabilities, to record and submit for assignments
  • Zoom Account
  • Taking notes on both a hard copy notebook and/or online tools such as Diigo or Evernote is highly suggested
    • Additional Technology tools outside the LMS(learning management system – Canvas) such as You Tube.
    • Additional Supplies for Course – folder and or binder to store print out of syllabus for this course

Student Support at Cuesta *I highly encourage you to take time to visit these wonderful services at Cuesta * clickable links below.

This google doc of Cuesta Resources (I have created) (Links to an external site.)

***Food Resources for students (Links to an external site.)  

    Food Bank Distribution (Links to an external site.) 

***CaFE Centers Cuesta College (Links to an external site.) The CaFE Center provides comprehensive support, services, and resources to CalWORKs, foster youth, and EOPS/CARE students in order to empower, motivate and encourage them to reach their educational, career and life goals in a welcoming and safe environment.  

**Student Success Center at Cuesta Lab (Links to an external site.)   this include tutoring services (virtual)  

Disability Student Programs and Services

College Support Services*

Help and Technical Support*

  • Instructor specific instructions for troubleshooting LMS or other software issues.
  • For issues related to accessing Cuesta's Moodle Site or other technical issues, students may email:
  • Sample technical issues statement: If the Cuesta server goes down or the power is out, you are still responsible for accessing the course. 
  • For all other issues related to the course or course content, please email me.

Course and College Policies

Student Expectations

  • Online classes are available and make your education experience more convenient. However, this is not a self pace, learn on your own class. This is a 3-unit college level course taking place in a condensed 9 - week semester which is about 5-6  hours a week in lecture and homework. I have structured weeks with material for you to read, watch and interact with. I ask my students to find time in their busy schedules to log into the classroom three out of seven days a week to discuss topics related to the material being learned. This helps to answer questions, clear up confusion, and we have a chance to learn from other students experiences. The days in which you log on are up to the students and can be weekdays or weekends whichever works best for your situation.
  • *Weekly deadlines for multiple assignments (including readings, discussions and other posts) for this course *tend to be Wednesdays by 11:59pm.(Late work is accepted, instructor will enter zero's when work is not turned in so students can see what still needs to be completed). It's helpful to complete work as guided however I realize life happens and for this reason, late work is accepted.
  • Check pronto for weekly announcements…be sure you have pronto and an email connected to the LMS – Canvas system (Cuesta) so that you receive correspondence successfully. You can set up in canvas settings how frequently you can receive email updates.
  • You should also print out a copy of this syllabus and keep it handy for reference.
  • The course is divided into modules, Each unit will appear in the Modules section of the course. There are at least 2 modules to visit each week. To get started each week, closely review the Overview page, which lists the learning objectives and required assignments for the unit. Taking notes on both a hard copy notebook and/or online tools such as Diigo or Evernote is highly suggested. 


Netiquette and Online Course Participation*

  • Use respectful and appropriate language in your forum discussions. 
  • Please do not use texting language, lol. 
  • Emoticons are acceptable ways to show emotion.
  • Avoid CAPS as they come across like YOU'RE SCREAMING.
  • You are expected to read all forum posts.
  • You are to respond to the appropriate number of posts for each forum.
  • All messages are public, so be careful and courteous when you post.
  • Make your posts thorough and your replies as well. 
  • Complete sentences and thoughts are mandatory for forum posts. 
  • Use a person's name when you reply to their post.
  • Use email for private communication.

Discussion Requirements*

  • Be responsible to requirements for participation in discussions
  • Refer to Netiquette Policy above

Grading Policy and Assignment Expectations

 Almost WEEKLY there are approximately 50 points worth earning of assignments + quizzes.

Later in the semester there is a Group Project.

At the end of the semester is a Final Exam.

Students are responsible for meeting deadlines and due dates by staying organized and checking LMS – Canvas for this course on a regular basis.


Grading in Class



Group Project


Final Exam



to earn


PLUS Extra Credit Opportunity

(Value 40-50pts)

Within each unit there are discussions/assignments to complete EACH week. Remember to organize your time wisely, setting aside a daily time to study and prepare for this course.


95-100 =  A    

90-94 =  A-                   

88-89 =  B+                  

83-87 =  B              

80-82 =  B-

78-79 =  C+

70-77 =  C

68-69 =  D+

63-67 =  D

60-62 =  D-

59 and lower =  F

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