Nutrition 210 Online Sp 2024 CRN 32410

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Welcome to Nutrition 210 (Late Start NINE Week Online Course)

Spring 2024 (CRN 32410)

Instructor: Caryn Coffman, M.A.R.D.

Important “Get Started” Dates:

You can activate Connect (which includes SmartBook) through our Canvas course starting the first day of class.

You may begin accessing and you are expected to access the course in Canvas on the first day of class.

You will be dropped from the course if you do not access our course in Canvas and activate Connect by the end of the first week of class.

Welcome and special announcements!

  1. Be sure to look at Cuesta's Distance Education Page and see if an online class is for you: to an external site.

  1. This general nutrition class is for the motivated and online-savvy student.
  2. This is not a work-at-your-own-pace class. You will have assignments due each week.
  3. This class is a Fully online class. There are No mandatory meetings

Instructor Contact Information:

Email:  (Use Canvas messaging after course begins)

  • When the semester starts, I am available online (click on Canvas messages to contact me). I will respond within 24-48 hours, Monday-Friday.
  • Make sure you are receiving weekly Canvas messages and regular announcements from me.

Course Description

Nutrition 210

Studies the nutritional needs of the human life cycle including interpretation of basic food groups and their chemical composition as applied to the utilization of nutrients in the body. Includes the problems of malnutrition as they relate to human behavior.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Explain the basis of the scientific method as it is used in developing hypotheses and theories, then apply the scientific method-based research, such as in peer-reviewed intervention, epidemiological, lab, and case studies, to the critical evaluation of nutrition-related literature and media, thus differentiating between proven scientific based research and myth.
  • Develop a basic understanding of the basic chemical structure of the six classes of nutrients and the substances therein; their action, interaction, and balance in relation to health and disease; and the process by which the human body ingests, digests, absorbs, transports, utilizes and excretes food substances.
  • Judge the effect of nutrition and lifestyle factors that contribute to chronic diseases (and leading causes of death in the United States), then assess one’s own diet for nutritional adequacy, practically apply lifestyle changes, through food label-reading, food safety practices, and altered dietary choices, which are personalized for the individual’s nutrient and phytochemical needs based on health status, body weight differences and goals, sports performance, and differing lifecycle stages.


Text Book and Materials :

Your course materials are being delivered digitally via Canvas through the Cuesta Inclusive Access program.  Please be sure to access your course materials through the Canvas on the first day of class to make sure there are no issues in the delivery.   You will automatically have access to the course materials on Day One without entering a code or being charged upfront.  After the Cuesta add drop date, your student bursar account will be billed at a discounted rate for the required course materials representing significant savings for you as the student.  If you choose to not have your account be billed, you must “opt out” before the required deadline.  If you do not opt out, you will be charged.  We highly recommend you do not opt out if you are going to continue in this course because this is the lowest cost available for Connect.  After you have paid for the product, you will have access for the remainder of the term.”

Technical Support

Cuesta students are encouraged to direct all technical support inquiries to If you are having issues with Canvas, you should contact the Canvas Support Hotline at (877) 921-7680, or click on the help button on the Canvas Navigation to report a problem.

If you are having difficulty viewing the course or logging in, it may be because you are not using the correct url: or you are using your phone or using an unsupported browser.


Your learning environment is best accessed from a desktop or laptop computer, using Firefox or Chrome. This may solve your problem! Please review the browser requirements and minimum computer specificationsLinks to an external site. at:



Computer Requirements:

  1. You need a reliable computer (generally no more than 4 years old) and an Internet connection that will not lose service in the middle of an exam.
  2. You need a Cuesta e-mail account (check your Cuesta email every day).
  3. Your computer needs to meet minimum system requirements: to an external site.

  1. Your computer must have all of the capabilities of viewing YouTube, pdfs, PowerPoints, etc.
  2. You must use Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Chrome for Connect. Please avoid Internet Explorer.


This course is designed using an accessible Learning Management System, and course materials have been created with ADA compliance in mind. If you have a disability and might need accommodations in this class such as extended time on exams or other resources. Please contact the instructor as soon as possible so that you can receive appropriate accommodations in a timely manner. You should also contact DSPS (Disabled Student Programs & Services)Links to an external site. at 805-546-3148 or


College and Course Policies:

Course-specific add-drop policy

  1. You will likely be dropped if you are inactive in Canvas or Connect for more than 7 days.
  2. Adds will be guaranteed to the top 5 students on the waitlist.
  3. Cuesta policy for drops: to an external site.
  4. Cuesta Academic honesty policy (Student Code of Conduct & Computer Technology Access Agreement): to an external site.

Course-specific waitlist procedure

  1. The Cuesta automatic waitlist is in effect until 24 hours before class begins.
  2. Remember that many students can get into this class by the waitlist procedure if they check their email daily; you are given 24 hours to accept your spot through the Cuesta College waitlist process.
  3. I will give add codes to waitlisted students one day before class.
  4. If you are on the waitlist when notifications close Sunday 12:00 am then email me to request an add code, giving me your full name, Cuesta email, and course CRN.
  5. Students have until Wednesday night (11:59 pm) to enter their add codes.
  6. All students (no matter when they register) will be held to the same deadlines for this class.
  7. All students should have read the Welcome Letter in its entirety prior to enrolling in my DE classes.
  8. Cuesta waitlist procedure and instructions: to an external site.

Grades: You are responsible for following your grades in both Canvas and Connect and waiting to email the instructor until 1 week after assignments are due with questions. You are also responsible for any final grade question by the last day of final exams. Grades will not be updated for any reason after the Friday of the last day of classes so check them!

Accessing Course LMS (Learning Management System)- Canvas:

Students will use Canvas (syllabus, grades, materials, directions, links, videos, discussion board, assignments, messaging, conferencing, etc.) for this course.

Canvas Quick Reference for getting into Canvas: to an external site.

Note: All students receive a myCuesta email that can be accessed through the myCuesta Portal ( If you do not want to use this email you can login to myCuesta and set this email to be forwarded to any other email.

If you are having technical difficulties with the login, contact tech support at .

Student Readiness & Time Requirement:

Computer Skills necessary to succeed in the course:

  1. You are expected to already the computer skills for an online class such as saving in pdf, manipulating and attaching files, and using different forms of interactive computer programs.
  2. Computer assistance will not be available for this course. Please consider the half unit- Intro to Online- course before taking this course.

Time requirements necessary to succeed in the course:

  1. You have something due each week in this course.
  2. You may work ahead if assignments are open, but “Discussion/Forum” responses must be done the week they are due.
  3. You will notice partial grades in the Discussion Board as the instructor reads through and grades the posts. Please do not be concerned with grades until the instructor messages you to check grades each week because she may read one of your posts one day and a reply to a different post a few days later.
  4. If you have a disability and might need accommodations (support services) in this class, please contact Disabled Student Program & Services in Building 3300 as soon as possible to ensure that you receive the accommodations in a timely manner. to an external site.

Important Reminders:

  1. It is your responsibility to ensure you are properly enrolled in the course!
  2. You need to check your junk mail if you are not receiving instructor emails weekly in your inbox.
  3. The midterm and final exam are timed-the time runs out. Do not click on the midterm and final until you are ready to take them or your time will run out.

Looking forward to having you in class!




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